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Why Do Our Legs Feel Tired and Restless?

What is Stasis

Vein diseases can cause a lot of trouble in body functions and can generate involuntary leg movement, pain, swelling, restlessness, and so much more. When the nerves and muscles are unable to communicate properly, the body especially legs starts to feel tired and weak. Felling leg heaviness after a workout as usual, but if you are experiencing involuntary leg movement and weakness at any time of the day, it can be a result of vein disease.

Venous stasis is a condition of slow and infrequent blood flow through the veins due to vascular malfunctioning. Venous stasis usually happens due to blood clots and deep vein thrombosis. This is a kind of ulcer on the legs that happens when the veins are unable to forward blood back to the heart. This is a very painful state, and must not be left untreated. The condition can do great harm to the heart and lungs, and can even lead to failure.

Venous Stasis can lead to continuous uncontrolled leg movement, tiredness, restlessness, weakness, and heaviness in legs. If you are experiencing any such symptoms, you must seek immediate assistance from the Top Vein Doctor in New York.

Restless Leg Syndrome

There are numerous aspects that are thought to add to the disorder. Patients who are expecting, obese, anemic, diabetic, have some sort of vitamin or mineral shortage, have vein diseases or leg ulcers experience restless legs. Patients who smoke are likewise in jeopardy. Caffeine and alcohol are also recognized to generate restlessness.

Treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome

Vascular doctors usually utilize medicines to deal with restless leg syndrome. A Good Vascular Doctor NYC might recommend something like an opioid, Neurontin, Clonidine, baclofen or Requip. These prescriptions may all seem international to you, yet relying on your signs, among these medications may aid to alleviate your symptoms, together with adjustments in your day-to-day lifestyle.

Leg Cramps

Leg pain and cramps are something we all have dealt with sometimes in our lives. You are probably to have muscle spasms in the foot, the side of your lower leg, in your upper legs or in your calf bone muscular tissue. Night Time Cramping is the most common phenomenon, simply when you need your sleep and rest. It can make the rest impossible and can disrupt your sleep. The agony and pain of a leg cramp can be intolerable.

There are many home remedies as well as medications and Treatments for Leg Cramps available. A good and active lifestyle, a proper workout regimen, supplements, as well as few prescribed Muscle relaxant medications such as cyclobenzaprine, orphenadrine, and baclofen, can aid relieve the symptoms and likewise pain.

Dr. Billy Schoenfeld is a Great Vein Specialist in San Diego at the Vein Treatment Clinic. He is a trained and certified vein doctor with great knowledge and expertise to deal with venous insufficiencies. To book a consultation with him, give us a call on 855 982 9678.

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